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who we are

About Us.

DGH is a company that is involved throughout the entire process of the venture.
We cover land purchasing, council approvals, leases, construction, management, websites and marketing.

The majority of this is done inhouse. Using our team of experts, we have the advantage and luxury of moving fast.

Forward thinking, results driven management group. Our specialised practices ensure profitibility and sustainablity of your property.


Our primary focus now, is in the short term accommodation space. In particular, hotels and boutique resorts.
We strongly feel that this area is in need of reinvention.

Due to the growth of the online letting marketplaces, there are great opportunities to be had transforming properties that are still running on the old model.

"The Guest experience is our #1 priority.
From concept to market, this is our primary focus."
Karley Stuart
Guest Manager,

Our Process


Concept Design

This is the initial phase where ideas are shared and the whiteboard pens get a real workout.


Strategy & Research

This area requires a large amount of due diligence, business modelling and market research. Without it, we are shooting in the dark.
That’s why its part of our Flow. Every time.



Down to the hard work. This is where the project takes form and goes from an Idea to becoming a reality.


Project Management

Building sites run better under great management. This is a team effort. From the engineer to the design team. Everyone helps out.



What is a good building without a great interior. This is always the most praised part of our projects. Thanks Jess!


Property Management

Now that the initial project is complete, business begins. This is where the team’s effort all comes together.

Favourite Projects

Little Palms

This was a great accommodation venture to totally revamp a 40% occupancy business and triple its revenue within 12months!

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23 Sunshine Blvd

We turned a run down shack into a $2.2m Your Town prize home . Featured numerous times on local and nation news, it made Australia’s Top 3 most viewed properties of the year!